RANCo EC System

RANCo Electro Coagulation is a Non Chemical process used only Direct Current for Waste Water Treatment. RANCo EC system Destabilizes Dissolved Colloidal particles, Suspended Solid ( SS), Organic mater, Oil, Grease and effectively remove Bacteria, Virus, Coliform, Shigella, Pathogens as it’s outer shell are negatively charged, so positive electrode attract them, as a result all Bacteria, Coliform/E-Coli, Virus, Pathogens and Microbes are die out for toxic effect and can not spread more.

IMPROVE Water quality:

@ pH value


@ Organic mater
@ Bacteria
@ Virus
@ Coliform
@ Heavy metal Ion
@ Nitrate
@ Phosphate
@ Pesticide
@ Herbicide
@ Detergent
@ Laundry Bleaching
@ Textile Dye Color
@ Odor 
Screw Press Filter
Ultra & CSAC Filter
DAF Filter
Control Unit


@ No Chemical Use
@ Compact size, Small space Required, Even Roof top mount possible
@ No Civil Construction
@ Less Initial Investment
@ Less Operation Cost (Only Electricity bill & Electrode replacement)
@ Negligible Sludge quantity
@ No Toxic Discharge
Textile Color Effluent Test
Sew Waste Water Test